Rooms & Rates



Princess Grace

Fit for a princess! Grace’s room might be the prettiest room in Poppy Palace. The space has a lovely area to lounge and read or watch television in privacy. This bedroom is beautifully appointed and has its own private en-suite. Enjoy your morning shower while the sun streams into your room through large, bright windows.



Prince Samuel

If a Prince lived here, this would be his room. The queen size bed sits in a small alcove and the large, wide windows look out over the river. Your private bath is across the hall but accessible only by you! This room has beautiful morning light and the sound of the river will soothe you to sleep at night (or in the afternoon, if a nap is to your liking!)



King’s Vault

From the moment you step down the hardwood staircase into the master bedroom you find yourself in a quiet, serene space. Enjoy a relaxing steam shower before settling into your king size bed for a restful sleep. Open the windows and enjoy the sound of the river rushing by and the scent of cedar from the forest. Read a book, enjoy some music or a movie, write in your journal or practice your guitar all in the privacy of this spacious room.



Queen’s Chambers

When luxury is mandatory and privacy and intimacy are too, then a stay in the Queen’s Chambers is a must. From the 20′ ceilings and opulent chandelier to the smooth hardwood floors, this space is extraordinary. Fireplace, private balcony, river view and sumptous King-size bed set the scene for a night of pure romance. Whether you sit near the fireplace sipping champagne while the river rumbles by, or enjoy the smell of the rainforest from your cozy bed…you will forever remember your stay and the love you shared it with!